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Evening Number Two · Tuesday January 16, 2007

We're headed now into evening number two. At about 2:15 they put Julie on oxytocin as her contractions weren't intensifying. Now, at 5:00 things are starting to pick up. Julie is doing great and breathing through it like a champ.

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Still Waiting · Tuesday January 16, 2007

What a lovely, snowy Seattle morning. Julie's contractions followed the usual pattern last night and slowed quite a bit by this morning. We just ventured down to the cafeteria, had some breakfast and are now back in the luxurious birthing centre here at Swedish Ballard. Julie is feeling tired from lack of sleep but is otherwise in good spirits.

We just talked to the doctor and because it has now been 13 hours since her water broke Julie needs to be induced. Active labour should start pretty quickly as she has just taken the little magic pill. I'm sitting here looking at her smiling and eating a banana while watching Regis and Kelly. Hard to imagine what is to come in just a few hours.

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It's Happening · Monday January 15, 2007

So here we are at the hospital, all cozy in Julie's reclining bed watching TV and contemplating whether we should try to get some sleep before the real action starts. Julie's water broke at about 8pm and it's now 11:30. Julie is feeling well and the contractions coming every five minutes or so and starting to increase in strength. We're hoping that they'll start to ramp up on their own so that she doesn't have to be induced.

Putting Braeden to bed this evening was kind of sad. It's the end of an era for us but especially for him. He knew we were going to the hospital and asked if Toby could stay in mommy's tummy for awhile longer. I suspect a little brother in the picture is going to take some getting used to for a little boy so used to being the focus of attention.

Send all your positive energy to Julie. Sometime tomorrow we should be parents all over again.

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Baby Coming · Sunday January 7, 2007

Shouldn't be too long now. Julie has been having contractions for the past 5-6 hours and they were strong and regular enough for us to go to the hospital. They've eased off a bit and we're back home now. I'll keep you posted of any new developments!

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Seattle! · Monday July 17, 2006

We're here! Thought this was as good a time as any to break my dry spell. Julie and I arrived last night just before 7:00 after an hour long wait at the border and some slow moving traffic through Everett. We're now really excited to be in our new house where we are determined to stay put for awhile. Our place is 3 and a half blocks from Lake Union and after work today Braeden, Julie and I went down to explore Gas Works Park and the stunning view of downtown Seattle.

The house is pretty nice. It has a terrace out back but not really much of a yard. It has been pretty well updated and has a great kitchen with acres of cupboard space. We have two big closets in our bedroom, a small deck and an ensuite with his and hers sinks. Braeden's room is enormous at about 400 sf with a ridiculously large closet. We'll certainly be comfortable here and are looking forward to having some visitors to help us fill up the space.

In other news, Colin and Kelsey's wedding was a blast. I won't go into detail as anyone who reads this was most likely there but I will say that I think the ceremony was the most beautiful I have ever seen.

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