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The Route to Coeur d'Alene · Mar 29, 09:02 PM

Here I sit on the fifteenth floor of the lovely Hotel Coeur d'Alene in Idaho. Braeden and I just got back from a romp in the pool and he's having a last minute game of football before heading to bed.

We've had a great trip so far. Hard to believe we left Seattle just three weeks ago. It almost feels like we don't live there anymore. Braeden and I had tons of fun during our four days at Lake O'Hara. I could not believe how much snow there was. The route up was a pretty easy 11 kms and I pulled Braeden in a little sled (pulk) rented from the outdoor centre at the University of Calgary. The little guy seemed pretty comfortable all bundled up in his winter clothes and slept for most of the way. He was an angel during our stay at the Alpine Club of Canada Hut and quickly made friends with the rest of the group that arrived shortly after we did. We spent our days skiing and playing in the snow. Braeden even had a chance to try his hand at snowshoeing. He thought it was hilarious that he could walk on top of the snow while I trudged along waist deep beside him.

Calgary was relaxing and I enjoyed our usual pampering at the Casa del Sloan. Braeden and I went three times to the Southland Leisure Centre to partake of the wave pool and waterslides. By the end he was going down the smallest slide all on his own. I felt like it was a little step on his road to independence - I never cease to marvel at how fast he grows and changes.

Toby has also changed alot in the last couple of weeks. He's such a laid back, happy baby. Julie and I feel very lucky. I love to lay down beside him and stare into his deep blue eyes while he smiles and coos. He's holding his head up pretty well now and is almost sleeping through the night if you can believe it.

We set out yesterday afternoon from Calgary and drove south to cross the border to Montana at Carway, heading on to East Glacier where the Sloans had a cabin until Julie and Lara were 17. It was very interesting to see the place having heard so much about it over the years. Hard to believe we've never been down that way before. East Glacier is pretty quiet in the off season but the mountainous backdrop would be spectacular any time of the year. I enjoyed taking a little stroll with Julie down memory lane. I think it was a somewhat bittersweet journey for her and reminded us both how much we've grown up and changed ourselves over the twelve years we've been together.

Julie and I intended to stay in East Glacier but couldn't find suitable accommodation so we went on as far as Columbia Falls and then bedded down for the night. Today we took it really easy and stopped in a little town called Libby for a few hours for a picnic and a morning at the playground. We also made a stop at the spectacular Kootenai Falls and crossed the river on a little suspension bridge which was a thrill for Braeden. It was quite beautiful. Now I'm off to bed in one of the nicest hotel rooms I've been in. Next stop I think will be Leavenworth before we undertake the final leg of our journey on Saturday.

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Toby's a Big Boy · Mar 8, 04:04 PM

Julie just got back from the doctor and as you may have read on her blog we were surprised at his weight gain. I just put some clothes rated at 9 months on him and they fit perfectly.

We have been so busy over the last month that I find myself wondering how I ever had time to work before. Tomorrow we're off again to Vancouver and then Calgary. I'm excited because I'm taking Braeden on his first skiing adventure to Alpine Club of Canada backcountry hut at Lake O'Hara in the Rockies.

With so much going on I've been neglecting my folding kayak project that I started last fall. I did find a couple of hours to work on it yesterday and hit a significant milestone. The frame is now self supporting and I took it off the strongback I used to hold it during construction. All that's left is to make the coaming, the seat and of course the cover. I also acquired another project - a Laser that needs some deck work and a new rudder and centreboard.

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Thanks Canada! · Jan 23, 07:00 PM

As of today I am officially on parental leave for six months. No more work until July 23. Canadians might take this kind of leave for granted but being in the US and talking to so many people who have to go back right away, I am very appreciative.

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Toby and Julie are Home · Jan 17, 10:44 PM

We're all home from the hospital now and everybody is doing well. I threw up some pictures from yesterday and today here. Toby is still in his big sleep mode but seems to be adjusting well to the world so far. Braeden was so cute and excited when we got home. He raced out of bed and immediately wanted to hold his little brother. Julie is breastfeeding now and it seems to be going well except that she's getting alot of cramps. The breastfeeding stimulates her uterus to contract, prompting it to return to normal size and this can be quite painful. Hopefully it won't last long. Otherwise, things couldn't be better.

Tera, Alma and my dad drove down last night and came to the hospital to meet Toby this morning. It was great to see them. We're looking forward to seeing Lara and Kelsey tomorrow. Julie's mom has been with us since Christmas and she is absolutely amazing. We're so lucky to have had her here, especially in the last couple of days.

Toby is still pretty quiet at this stage so it looks like we might have a restful and much needed sleep.

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Welcome Toby! · Jan 17, 07:12 AM

I am thrilled to announce that Julie gave birth to a beautiful boy, Toby Campbell Bossert, last night at 11:10pm. After 27 hours at the hospital she pushed him out like a champ in 20 minutes flat. The little guy turns out to be not so little at 9lbs 10oz. He's 21.5" long and has a 14.5" head diameter. Both Julie and Toby are doing well and we expect to return home early this afternoon.

I'll post pictures as soon as I can!

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